I have a Micro H-1 or R-1 with a Weaver mount, I would like to mount it on semi automatic shotgun with an 11mm dove tail rail. Do you have a mount for this?

Aimpoint can offer the 11mm Dovetail-, Weaver- and Blaser mounts. There are other mount manufacturers that make the most commonly used mounts for the Micro product line.

What do I need to mount one of your sights on my firearm?

Aimpoint® sights can be mounted on virtually any firearm. For the models which don't have en incorporated mount, you will need 1 or 2 rings to perform the mounting on the weapon. The rings have a diameter of 30mm or 34 mm. We recommend a gunsmith to mount the sight on the weapon if the weapon does not already carry a Weaver or Picatinny rail.

If the rail is not mounted properly, you will encounter zeroing problems. Please check the following page for further information about the subject: Mounting the sight.

Will Aimpoint® sights handle the unique recoil generated by a spring piston airgun?

Only products currently manufactured and older 7000 series Aimpoint® sights should be mounted on this type of airgun. Older products should not be used.

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