The Driven hunt experience by Aimpoint

Enter the world of driven hunt, where game is plenty, and the perfect shot is always around the corner. Go hunting with an Aimpoint red dot sight in a thrilling experience across several unique locations. Test your shooting skills, high hit accuracy with no wounded animals gives high scores and unlocks more worlds to hunt in.  If you wish to save your high scores, collect achievements/trophies and team up with other enthusiasts create a game profile via the register/log in icon in the game window below. 

Please note:

•  You need to be at least 16 years old and accept our privacy policy to create a profile.
•  A member account in our Aimpoint e-Club will be created at the same time.
•  We collect personal information when you register.
Read about why we collect it and how we handle it in our privacy policy.

If you already are a e-Club member you can log in directly to edit/create a game profile
using the same log in credentials as when logging in to your e-Club account, they are connecte