Maintenance of your Aimpoint® Sight

Your Aimpoint® sight does not require any particular maintenance while used under normal conditions.
You don’t need to send the sight for service, we just recommend you to read the following.

NOTE! Keep Lens Covers closed whenever the sight is not in use.

Under severe weather conditions think about the following:

  • Extreme heat (moist or dry). No special procedures required.
  • Extreme cold. Extreme cold might shorten battery life.
  • Dust storms and sand storms. Keep lens covers closed when sight is not being used.
  • Salt air. No special procedures required.
  • High altitudes. No special procedures required.
  • Sea spray, water, mud and snow. Ensure that the battery cap and the two adjustment caps are tightened before exposing the sight to sea spray, mud, snow or before immersing the sight in water. Hand tighten only. Clean lenses with lens paper/cloth and wipe the sight dry as soon as possible after exposure to water, sea spray, mud or snow.

Aimpoint® sight lens cleaning

The lenses shall never be cleaned with fingers but with lens paper/cloth.

If no lens paper/cloth is available:

  • To clear away debris (sand, grass etc): blow away the dirt.
  • To clean lenses: mist up the lenses or pour clean water on the lenses. Dry them with  clean them with a soft piece of cloth.

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