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Aimpoint® Wild Boar Hunt © WeHunt Nordic AB in cooperation with Aimpoint. Best experienced in Google Chrome.


You misses three times in a row and had to leave the stand.

You decided to leave the stand.

You fell asleep at the stand.

You fired X shots, of which Y hit the heart/lungs area which gives a hit percentate of B%.

You fired against Z sow(s) with piglets, which reduced your total score by Z points.

Your final score is X * B% = P points.

Aimpoint Wild Boar Hunt


We will begin with a few practice shots. The target area is displayed in red, and wild bores will pass in low speed.
After five successful hits the target area is no longer displayed, and the speed begins to vary.

Points are deducted for firing against sows or piglets, and no more than tree misses in a row is permitted.
The series will end if you are idle for three minutes, or if you press "Leave stand".



Only shots in the heart/lungs area are regarded as hits and give 100 points. The final score is the final sum * your hit percentage.

Misses lower the hit percentage and reduces the final score.

The rifle is reloaded automatically, but you can also reload manually using the space bar or right mouse button.